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The Dynamic Duo: Collaboration and Chance

You know, collaboration as a good news story.  The real success stories of our time are about good collaboration: businesses, sports teams, political campaigns, causes…  1 + 1 > 2.  And yet, sometimes good collaboration isn’t enough for success. Sometimes you need chance on your side.  Think of Felix Baumgartner’s past weekend of incredibleness, that […]

Ride the waves: How participation in a Twitter chat can benefit you and your community

If you are looking for some experiential social media learning, in a supportive environment, Twitter chats make a good bet. I particularly enjoy the Twitter chats.  They are held the last Wednesday of each month.  Most of the folks who participate are mediators, and other professionals, who practice non-adversarial approaches to conflict resolution.  We’re […]

Break down those silos and re-build from above and below

Trying to get everyone on the same page? As long as your team members stay in their silos, your job will be next to impossible. To break down the thick walls between silos, build on the things all silos have in common: the sky above (vision) and the ground below (values). The silos metaphor is […]

It's a mediator's world

I spent yesterday in Vancouver, at an all-day gathering with my court mediation colleagues.  Part information sharing, part community building, always a learning experience… these types of get-together I really enjoy. There were a number of presenters during the day.  I was one of them, on the topic of Collaborating on Business Development.  That was […]

Facing The Conflict Monster

“Knowing I’m a weak person, my mom advised me that whenever I felt scared or fearful, that’s exactly the right moment to jump in head first to face the monster by looking him in the eye. And I’ve found that when I get that close to the “monster”, I stop being afraid because I lose […]